onsdag, januari 07, 2009

Strategidebatt och neo-köttkonservatism

Gott Nytt År! Här kommer två läsvärda abolitionistiska texter att börja året med:

More Industry Reform... or the Vegan Paradigm?
Lee Hall svarar Martin Balluch om djurrättslig etik och strategi.

Although some communities understood the news sooner than others, the Copernican revolution wasn’t the result of people accepting change in increments. Astronomy charts didn’t show the Earth moving gradually outward as new editions were printed. A paradigm shift is an entirely new perspective, radical by definition. It will not happen overnight, and it will meet the full force of resistance; but it’s unstoppable once it’s presented and acknowledged. Relatively quickly in the scheme of human history, it can replace the previous perspective and become the new knowledge.

Project for a New American Carnivore. From Lyman to Niman in Ten Short Years.
Jenny Stein och James LaVeck frågar vad som hände med djurrättsrörelsen i det lyckliga köttets tidevarv. Har rörelsen tagits över av "Neo-Carns"?

Is it not strange that while the institutional animal movement has historically struggled to develop and sustain any significant collaborations with the peace, environmental, and human rights movements, it seems to have had no problem at all developing elaborate and rather intimate alliances with animal exploiting corporations such as Whole Foods, Niman Ranch, and Wolfgang Puck?

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